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5 best Hill stations to visit in May and June

Now that the summer holidays are inching closer, it’s time to find out which are the best hill stations to enjoy a fabulous vacation. Let’s take a look at our best Hill stations to visit in May and June:



best Hill stations to visit
Mcleodganj is a top favorite amongst the younger crowd, simply because it allows the opportunity to trek himalayas to Triund and sleep under the stars. You can also fix up a specific trip that only has room for this trek, if adventure is your thing. Mcleodganj also has a lot to offer for the non-trekkie crowd. A beautiful Buddhist monastery sits right in the middle of this hill station, and the restaurants surrounding it offer rich Tibetan food to warm you up even on the coldest nights. However, since you’re going in the summer, you might be interested to know that many of the same restaurants serve alcohol for dirt cheap prices to cool you down.



best Hill stations to visit
The Queen of the Hills always comes to mind when we think of the best hill stations in India. Summer months, that is, may and june, are the ideal time to visit as the place offers relatively cool weather and just the right amount of sunshine. From taking great photos at Kempty Falls to enjoying long, serene walks around long winding roads, Mussoorie is the ideal place for any traveller. Since the bazaar is almost filled to the brim with hotels, it is the ideal place to go for travellers on a shoe-string budget.



best Hill stations to visit
Pristine crisp hills coupled with air so fresh you can hardly believe your lungs – that’s Darjeeling for you. Enjoy a tranquil holiday amongst tea plantations and fill your gut with authentic Nepali cuisine. At night, you can watch the stars come alive as they twinkle in the clear mountain sky.



best Hill stations to visit
If you want to go to a hill station that is not as explored as others, Coonoor is the right choice for you. However, you must be willing to partake in a vacation that offers nothing else except the little hill station you’ll be staying in. It’s ideal for vacationers who just want to unwind and don’t want to fill their days with a ton of activity.



best Hill stations to visit

Ooty is without a doubt one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Located in South India, it offers lush greenery, a great cuisine, and crisp, cold air. It’s a short drive from Bangalore so one can always take a flight to the main city and drive from there. This way, your holiday has both – city and mountain experiences together.

best Hill stations to visit, best Hill stations to visit in india

Best Places to Travel in May and June

May and June are known for two things – the sweltering heat and (if you’re lucky) summer vacations! This is the time when post people pack their suitcases and escape their claustrophobic cities in search for peace and excitement at the same time. So, if you’re one of them, and just can’t wait to start your vacation, check out these amazing places to travel to in May and June:


Best Places to Travel in May and June
Let’s start with one of the hidden gems of northern India. Lansdowne is one of the most tranquil and amazing hill stations, when talking about the best places to travel to in May and June. Being one of the few hill stations left that are not extremely popular, Lansdowne makes for the perfect destination if you want a peaceful vacation. Apart from the beauty and peace on offer, Lansdowne also offers camping, boating, trekking and many other adventure activities.


Best Places to Travel in May and June
Leh is one of the most breath-taking tourist destinations in India. The ideal time to travel here is during May and June. Although it’s still quite cold there, it’s warm enough for tourists to enjoy the hills before they are covered with snow and closed for the season. Going with a travel group is usually recommended as novices in the hills need to prepare for the high altitudes they’ll be on. A proper guide can ensure your holiday doesn’t get ruined by altitude sickness or any other health issues.


Best Places to Travel in May and June
From the northern most part of the country to the extreme south, Kerala is everything you can wish for in a relaxing holiday. Best known for its backwaters, lush green landscapes and a stunning coastline that stretches over 600 kilometres, Kerala is known as God’s own country for a reason. Whether it is touring the tea estates or taking in the rich culture of the state through one of its many famous art forms, going in for an incredible ayurveda massage or going for the adventure sports on offer, on this trip you will find everything that your heart desires. Just pack your bags and get ready for a transcendent experience.


Best Places to Travel in May and June
If you are looking to satisfy the adventure junky in you, and want to visit a place where you won’t be disturbed by a lot of tourists, then Tawang is the place to visit this summer. Located in Arunachal Pradesh, far away from the hustle and bustle of other crowded tourist destinations, Tawang is definitely one of the best places to visit in May and June in India. A completely serene environment, adventure activities like trekking, hiking and a lot more, amazing food and many other distinct features make travelling to Tawang an experience like no other.


Best Places to Travel in May and June
Want to go abroad but keeping your eye on your budget? Vietnam is the perfect place to go to during your summer vacation. The conversion rate helps you keep your expenses in check while you explore a new country and culture. The food is absolutely exquisite and laced with influences from French cooking and the landscape is lovely too. Going to Vietnam is a great idea for travellers seeking adventure!

Best Places to Travel in May and June, Best place to travel, may and June, travel with takegyan

Best Places to Travel in May and June, Best place to travel, may and June, travel with takegyan

Best Places to Travel in May and June, Best place to travel, may and June, travel with takegyan

5 Huge Flops from Huge Companies

Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft may just be some of the biggest companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their own shares of big flops. Let’s take a look at some of their products that just seemed to miss the mark entirely!

Google +

Flops from Huge CompaniesIf any other company had started this social media platform, they’d probably be in the dust right now. However, although people do not generally use Google +, it does have its purposes when it comes to digital marketing. Having said that, it seems like marketers are the only ones who actually post things in the circles on this platform.

Microsoft Zune

Flops from Huge CompaniesWhat’s the Zune, you ask? Good question. Back when the iPod was still a little new and people were just starting to get into it, Microsoft decided to introduce its own version of a music player called Zune. Needless to say, it just didn’t work. The iPod was far better in terms of aesthetics and functionality and the Zune just came across as a poor imitation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Flops from Huge CompaniesSamsung is known for its flagship cell phones and is known to offer really great specs. In fact, the note 9 is one of the most anticipated flagship android phones. However, the Galaxy Note 7 was nothing more than a P.R nightmare. While there was nothing really wrong with the specs and offerings, this phone had one thing that other’s did not: a tendency to burst into flames. Samsung had to recall these phones and took a huge hit because of them.

Windows 8

Flops from Huge CompaniesWhen people think of bad Windows OS, they often think of Vista. So you can imagine how bad Windows 8 was as it was rated even lower than Vista. The market shares for this OS had pretty much plummeted and the OS itself left users dissatisfied with the change in software.

Twitter Music

Flops from Huge CompaniesImg Src:
Twitter Music is proof that sometimes, it’s best to just stick with what you know, instead of trying something random and new for the sake of it. Twitter had announced the launch of its music app called Twitter Music way back in 2013. However the app failed spectacularly and was then shut down by the parent company.

Unusual Vacations Spots for this summer!

Summer’s on the way and you’re already dreaming of your vacation, aren’t you? Are you picturing yourself lying languidly on a beach or cooling down in the crisp mountain air? No matter what your preference, you’ve got to get cracking if you want to book the best possible summer vacation spot. Why not take a look at some of the more unusual places to go? Here are the ones we recommend:

Lakshadweep islands

Vacations Spots for this summer
When people think of beaches, they think of Goa, but not everyone likes the touristy and over-populated state. If you want a more tranquil version of the same, why not explore Lakshadweep islands? Apart from engaging in all the same water sports, you can also go snorkelling and deep sea diving. The relatively under-populated feel of the island also contributes to the sense of tranquillity everyone chases during a vacation.


Vacations Spots for this summer Tucked away in the Kumaon hills, Binsar is the ideal spot for vacations who want nothing more than a quiet place to examine their thoughts or read. Surround yourself with nature’s beauty and enjoy a lovely vacation where you truly get to relax. In case you want more things to do, you can always drive down to nearby hill-stations to get in touch with civilization. However, if you’re someone who values silence and beauty, this is the place for you.


Vacations Spots for this summer
Sikkim is absolutely gorgeous and relatively unexplored by the mass tourist groups of India. Travelling to Sikkim means surrendering yourself to a new state, new culture, new cuisine, and a vibe that is absolutely unmatched. If you want a mix of serenity and adventure, this is exactly the place you need to be. Surround yourself by the captivating beauty of the Sikkim hills and enjoy a vacation like no other!

Vacations Spots for this summer, summer holidays, summer vacation spots in india

Vacations Spots for this summer, summer holidays, summer vacation spots in india

Do Teens Like Apple More Than Android?

While the Apple Vs Android debate has been going on for quite a while, with both sides having their own staunch supporters, research conducted by the Business Insider recently shows that when it comes to teenagers, iOS and Apple products are far more popular. Let’s take a look why:

Status symbol

Teens Like Apple More Than Android
As the saying goes “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.” Apple’s marketing strategy of placing their products as luxury ones in the eyes of the consumer is one of the most successful strategies. Ultimately, many people think that even if you are buying a flagship phone with an Android OS that costs the same as an iPhone, the latter is still considered to be a far more luxurious product to flaunt. At this point, it is not about the specs that these phones offer. It’s a question of self-image. When it comes to teens, self-image is everything.

Superior design

Teens Like Apple More Than Android
Apart from people who are really into tech, very few people use their phones for more than sending texts, calling, taking pictures, and playing the occasional addictive game. For the average, non-techie consumer, the specs seize to matter after a point. What sets iPhones apart from other flagship phones is the fact that the former looks great. The iconic minimalist design continues to influence the way androids are designed (the latest example being new releases like Vivo V9, Oppo F7, and the upcoming One Plus 6 having the same notch design as the iPhone X). For consumers who are more interested in how flashy or sleek a gadget may look, the iPhone remains the top choice. This is one of the reasons why teens prefer them.

Camera Quality

Teens Like Apple More Than Android
Nowadays, a cell phone is a glorified camera. Each and every device has begun to center its marketing on the fact that you can take great pictures or selfies with their cameras. But no one does it better than Apple. With their famous ‘Shot on iPhone’ billboards all over, they do a great job of literally showing the consumers the range of pictures that can be taken with the phone. Even if other Android cell phones offer better cameras, there’s no way to know because the iPhone literally demonstrates it for you, while the others don’t. With people being more and more obsessed with their pictures, it’s no secret why the iPhone is preferred over Android.

Teens Like Apple More Than Android, apple camera, android camera

Teens Like Apple More Than Android, apple camera, android camera

Comparing Vivo v9 vs Oppo f7 vs and Mi Note 5 Pro

Within the first quarter of 2018, we’ve seen the launch of three new smartphones that fall under the bracket of budget friendly meets good specs. However, which of these phones is the best? Let’s compare the Vivo V9, Oppo F7, and Redmi Note 5 Pro to see:

Vivo V9 and Oppo F7 both come with the notch display, which means the screen space is bound to be larger than the average phone. The Vivo V9 has a 6.30 inch screen with a resolution of 1080×2280 pixels. The Oppo F7 comes with the same resolution but has a mildly smaller screen size – 6.23 inches. The Redmi Note 5 Pro falls a bit short in this regard. It has a regular non-notch display and a screen size of 5.99 inches. The resolution is also slightly lesser than the previously mentioned phones – 1080×2160 pixels.

All three phones offer the same storage and RAM specifications. The built in storage is 64 GB and the RAM is 4 GB. However, they do differ when it comes to the processor. The Vivo V9 has a 2.2 GHz Octa core processor, the Oppo F7 has a 2 MHz Octa core processor, while the Redmi Note 5 pro has a 1.8 GHz Octa Core processor. The Oppo F7 is definitely better than the Vivo V9 and Redmi Note 5 Pro in this aspect. We can rank the Oppo F7 first, followed by the Vivo V9, and then Redmi Note 5 Pro.


In a world increasingly focussed on documenting literally everything, the camera on your phone has begun to have more weightage than anything else. The Vivo V9 has 2 dual cameras and one front camera – a 5 MP depth sensor and 16 MP primary sensor, and a 24 MP front camera for the selfie fanatics. The 5 MP can be used to calculate the depth in portrait mode. The Oppo F7 offers a 16 MP primary and 25 MP front camera. In terms of the vibrancy of the colors, the Oppo F7 has a better performance. Both the cameras use HDR mode automatically, but the Oppo F7 camera has crisper images while the Vivo V9 looks a bit dull. Since it has an f/1.8 aperture, it captures better images in low light as well. The Vivo V9 camera stands out only for the bokeh and depth mode, which, when compared to the overall performance of the F7, feels a bit gimmicky.
The Oppo F7 also captures better selfies has the shots are more vivid. However, when it comes to video recording, it maxes out at 1080p. Vivo V9, on the other hand, goes up to 4k. If you’re planning to shoot videos, however, you will need a tripod or a surgeon’s hands as the image stabilization on the cameras is not good enough. The Vivo V9 offers better color accuracy while the Oppo F7 creates brighter videos.

The Redmi Note 5 Pro, on the other hand, has a 12 MP primary and 20 MP front camera and trails behind its competition. Like the Vivo V9 and Oppo F7, the cameras contain beautification mode. They can also figure out your gender and age when pointed at your face. In terms of the camera, we can rank the Oppo F7 first, followed by the Vivo V9, and then Redmi Note 5 Pro.


The Redmi Note 5 Pro has a whopping 4000 mAh battery capacity while the Oppo F7 has a 3400 mAh battery capacity. The Vivo V9 only has a 3260 mAh battery capacity, which may not be as good for people who use their phones a lot.

Operating system

Both, Vivo V9 and Oppo F7 come with Android 8.1 while the Redmi Note 5 Pro comes with Android 7.1.1, which is an older version. Additionally, the Vivo V9 comes with its FunTouch OS which resembles iOS quite a bit. The Oppo F7 also has its own OS called the ColorOS and when compared to Vivo’s FunTouch, it’s a bit outdated looking. You also have to swipe your notifications away twice. You can also use swipe gestures in the Vivo V9 and Oppo F7 if you want that IPhone X feeling.


The Vivo V9 is priced at approximately Rs 22,990. The Oppo F7 is priced at approximately Rs 21,990. Although in most cases is offers better specs than the Vivo V9, it is surprisingly cheaper. The Redmi Note 5 Pro is priced at approximately 14,999. Considering this, it is the ideal phone for price conscious buyers who want a good phone.

The Verdict

For buyers willing to spend on a mid-range phone, the winner is fairly obvious. It’s the Oppo F7. However, the Redmi Note 5 Pro offers amazing specs if you consider its price range. For a phone that is priced almost 5k lesser than the other two, it still manages to stay in the competition and emerges as a candidate that is definitely worth considering.

The Vivo V9, on the other hand, is a bit of a disappointment considering that it’s the highest priced. It’s beaten by the Oppo F7 in almost every spec. Which makes sense as its entire marketing is currently revolving around the depth sensor in the camera – the only thing it has to offer than the F7 doesn’t have.

comparing vivo v9 oppo f7 and mi note 5 pro, camera phone, selfie camera,new android phone,comparing vivo v9 oppo f7 and mi note 5 pro

comparing vivo v9 oppo f7 and mi note 5 pro, camera phone, selfie camera, new android phone ,comparing vivo v9 oppo f7 and mi note 5 pro

comparing vivo v9 oppo f7 and mi note 5 pro, camera phone, selfie camera, new android phone,comparing vivo v9 oppo f7 and mi note 5 pro